Senior Campaigns Class

For our senior campaigns class, I was the Public Relations Director as well as dealt with the Social Media and online presence for our client, Union Bank and Trust.  Here is our creative from our plans book, as well as the information for their Twitter, Facebook, Public Relations, and Analytics.


• The MyStyle Brand Managers will handle a large portion of the UBT, and MyStyle twitter accounts. They will re-tweet the tweets from these accounts to their own personal twitter accounts, to reach a much wider audience than just those accounts followers.

• For all PR events (ex.opening of the Nebraska Bookstore Branch) utilize hashtags to start trending the event locally

• ‘Race to the Place’: continue publicizing these on twitter. Utilizing the MyStyle Brand Manager will enable UBT to inform a much greater audience.

Analytics for Twitter

• Hootsuite: This website will enable you to manage multiple twitter accounts on one site. This would allow you to tweet and re-tweet from MyStyle and UBT at the same time. With this website, you are also able to schedule tweets in advance, as well as being able to post on Twitter or Facebook as well

• Tweetadder: With this program you are able to search for individuals who are specifically interested in banking. You would be able to gain followers who are concerned with banking, Lincoln, NE, or other topics that relate to UBT. From these searches, you are able to follow a large number of topic specific followers, at once.


• Questions and Posts: These are things that will be ongoing throughout the entire campaign, and can be targeted towards the specific events or contests that will be going on. Posting trivia questions, articles, as well as asking open-ended questions will engage followers, and get millennials more involved and informed about UBT.

• Trivia Questions: Post a question, and the first to respond correctly will win a prize/gift card that can be redeemed by coming into a branch. This will engage millennials, get the word out about UBT, as well as getting the individual to come into the branch.

• Picture Posts: Have millenials take a picture in front of a UBT branch, or a UBT ATM, and then have them tweet at UBT or MyStyle, and post it to your Facebook page. Once they have done this, they are entered into a drawing for a prize.

Public Relations

• Good Test Grade: Bring in a good grade on a test or paper, and their name will be posted on the interactive board within the bookstore branch. It will look like a refrigerator, just like when you were little and your Mom put your good grade on the fridge. Once their paper is posted on the board, they can send it to their Twitter or Facebook, @ mentioning UBT and a short blurb for their big accomplishment.

            -As well, two times a month, two individuals that come in and turn in their good grade, will receive one our our ‘favorite things in Lincoln.’ This could be a gift card to a restaurant, or shop, that are favorites of students on campus.

            -Greeks: For girls who are in sororities on campus, when they bring in their good grade, they will be able to get points towards Scarlett Cup, a campus-wide competition for points between sororities. For guys who would bring in their good grade, after a certain number of guys came in, you could donate a certain amount to the philanthropy of their chapter. By involving the greek system, you are reaching a large segment of the University’s population, and informing them about UBT through a means which benefits them.

            -As another way to target students affiliated with Greek life, a large segment of the UNL millenials on campus, you can contact Greek Affairs and set up educational nights for different houses on campus.  These nights would allow for UBT employees to come in and educate students with information that will be essential for students heading out into the real world soon.  These sessions will familiarize students with the UBT brand, as well as providing students with vital information that they will use now and in the future.

• Citations: These will take place outside of the bookstore branch (during opening/we have to decide when) A brand manager or employee will be outside with ‘citations’ for individuals passing by for ‘going the wrong way’ down the one-way street. This will be a coupon (what did we decide this was going to be? A coupon, or informational piece?) which will bring these individuals to the new bookstore branch.


Brand Managers

• These individuals will be under direction of Stephanie and will be in charge of getting the word out about UBT, their services, and events that will be taking place within Lincoln. They will be responsible for re-tweeting to their own personal Twitter, tweets from the UBT and MyStyle accounts. Along with this, @mentioning their friends on Twitter, to inform a wide audience of what UBT is currently up-to.  Along with handling UBT’s social media prescence, they will be the image of UBT: handling such events as passing out survival kits, managing the poster and advertisements downtown, as well as being at all PR events. These individuals are the millennials image of UBT.


Opening of Bookstore Branch

The opening of the branch in January will be a ‘Race to the Place,’ but much bigger. We will have students go around Lincoln and the University campus, finding clues that will direct them to the next location. The last clue will direct them to the new branch, at the Nebraska Bookstore. The first 100 people that get to the branch will receive food from a local company. As more incentive to participate, one person that signs up for a My Style account this day will win $1,000.


The opening of the branch in January will be held at the branch’s new location at the Nebraska Bookstore downtown.  You will kick off the opening with a bigger and better, ‘Race to the Place.’ We will have students go around Lincoln and the University campus, finding clues that will direct them to the next location. The last clue will direct them to the new branch, at the Nebraska Bookstore. The first 100 people that get to the branch will receive food from a local company. As more incentive to participate, one person that signs up for a My Style account this day will win $1,000. 



Following this, we will have a big event at the branch itself.  There would be a dj performing, as well as a (need to think of a name) light show that would be projected on the brick wall of the bookstore. (ex: On the interactive boards inside, people will be able to request songs that they want to hear, as well as take pictures and tweet them or send them to Facebook, promoting the grand opening of the branch.  This event will not only get people intrigued by what is going on, it will also get people into the branch, to be informed about MyStyle accounts, as well as this new UBT branch itself.


This is a piece of my freelance work that I made for a Real Estate Agent selling one of her properties. 

This is a piece of my freelance work that I made for a Real Estate Agent selling one of her properties. 

Writing Sample Submitted to “Where Is the Cool?” Magazine

 Writing Sample 

California reigns supreme for the beaches, beach bods, and surfers. It is the hub for fashion, celebrities, and nightlife unlike any other state. So what happens when you leave your sanctuary of cool, and travel thousands of miles across the ocean? Well like they say, you can take the girl out of California, but you can’t take the California out of the girl. Venturing overseas, I had to re-define my cool. 

Amidst the ruins of Rome, the cobblestone streets of Florence, and somewhere a little 

further than the David, I found myself surrounded by a lifestyle all too far from the sand and ocean of Orange County. Now I was searching for that little sense of California swag that I was lacking in my life.

Getting a break from the concrete chaos of Florence, I was able to grab my Ray Bans, and travel to places that made me feel right back at home. Being back by the ocean showed me that it didn’t matter where I was in the world. Whether I am driving down PCH or sitting on a little beach in Cinque Terre, Italy, it was the way that I lived and experienced this lifestyle that made it cool, and that made it my own. 

Italy has given me a new definition of cool. It has shown me that, although your new Marc Jacob aviators, or newly pressed Ralph Lauren shirt are damn cool, it’s really the person wearing them that makes it. It’s you, and how you adapt to change and embrace those around you. It’s how you live.

Three Example Tweets from @Whereisthecool Handle

Whereisthecool Even another reason to absolutely love April 16th

Whereisthecool uhh, cool..but necessary?

Whereisthecool is ready for that summer sun #nothingbeatsCAsummers

Northwest Ford Dealers Newsletter: Writing Sample from my Internship

Hello Northwest Ford Dealers!

With the beginning of August, we are well into our third quarter!  Summer is drawing to a close, and thoughts of fall are on our minds.  With that, your Northwest FDAA has another dose of great Social Media news to share with you!  Read on to find out what’s going on in Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

Update from CompareFord

CompareFord Labs

The trio of Otto, Miles, and Miss Lane of the CompareFord Labs Team are still kicking their way through their automotive experiments!  This month, following the release of the Sounders Trailer, the Sounders Episode was released, featuring Argentinian soccer star, Mauro Rosales.  Check out the Sounders episode below, a great link to include with your Tier III Marketing!  By having customers and fans view this, it will attract and engage them with your product, the Ford Edge, as well as adding some varied media to your marketing.

            • Sounders Episode:

As always, keep up to date by:

            • Becoming a fan of our page:

            • Following us on Twitter:

            • Subscribing to our Channel:

Kick It To Win It

Who wouldn’t want an autographed soccer ball by Sounders mid-fielder, Mauro Rosales?!  Over 518 people to date have entered in the “Kick It To Win It” Sweepstakes for their chance at winning!  Every customer that submits their information is able to select if they are interested in any Ford Vehicle, which then provides them with contact information for Ford Dealers near them.  This allows your customer to get excited about this contest, while also having them enter their information into the CKS database, ultimately providing you with a lead.  Make sure to share this link with fans and consumers by including in your marketing and communication:

Social Media Help Available

Want to learn how to maximize your time on Twitter and YouTube? How to spread your message, and target the right Subscribers? Then make sure you sign up for next week’s social media seminar!  August 11, 2011 at 10 AM PST, we will be spending time covering all of these topics and more.  Don’t miss this great chance at gaining a wealth of information about social networking sites.  Time is running out!  So make sure to register today to reserve your spot!

Coming Soon

October Promotion for Truck Month

In support of Ford’s Truck Month, mid September we will be launching the CompareFord Labs F-150 Challenge, a promotion for all current Ford truck owners or customers who are in the market for a truck.  All they have to do is watch a video from CompareFord Labs, answer a trivia question at the end of the video, and they are entered to win $1,000 dollars.  By having customers watch this video in order to enter, it allows you to target people that are in the market for a truck and/or are interested in trucks.  This engages your customers with content that is relevant to them, as well as you benefitting by gaining their information and knowing that they are truly interested in your product.  Stay tuned for the launch of the CompareFord Labs F-150 Challenge!

Ford Forever: Ford’s 100,000 Club

For all of the loyal Ford Customers out there, who have owned and driven their Ford vehicle for years, we finally have a way for them to be recognized!  Introducing the Ford Forever Club: all Ford owners will be able to visit our Facebook page, submit their own Ford Story, and share it with others.  Along with this, they will be able to fill out a registration form that will send all their information to dealerships.  Make sure to check out the release of the Ford Forever Club, coming up in September!

What’s the Buzz on Ford?

Ford Improves Fuel Economy—Through the Tires

In today’s times, car owners are always searching for a car that is going to give them the best fuel economy.  That is why Ford, along with their unique cross-functional team, has specially engineered low-rolling-resistance tires as a way to greatly improve your fuel economy.  The Fiesta SFE, Focus SFE, Taurus, as well as many other Ford vehicles, all come fitted with these special fuel-saving tires.

3 Generations of Ford

In Rockledge Florida, there is a family that have been loyal Ford consumers for 3 generations within their family.  Ages ranging from 86-year-old Lillian Perley, to 15-year-old Adam Stillson, this family has enjoyed and driven their Ford cars for thousands of miles.  Quite an impressive Great Ford Story!

Ford F-Series to Get Plug-In Hybrid Technology

With fuel prices on the rise, who doesn’t want a fuel-efficient vehicle, especially for trucks?  Ford and Azure Dynamics are teaming up to integrate a proprietary plug-in hybrid (PHEV) technology in the market-leading F-Series Super Duty® lineup.  This will be introduced in 2013, with the F-550 Super Duty cab and chassis, as well as hybrid power train conversion on other Super Duty platforms, such as the F-350 and F-450.

The Most Fuel-Efficient 7-seater SUV? It’s a Ford

Usually when thinking of a 7-seater SUV, the words ‘fuel efficient’ don’t come to mind.  But Ford has changed that with the new Explorer: delivering an EPA-estimated 28 mpg on the highway, beating out many of its competitors, the all-new EcoBoost® powers the class-leader, and this is the first use of the engine in North America.  And best of all?  The EcoBoost will be offered on 90 percent of Ford nameplates by 2013.’s-a-ford/




This was my ‘Absolute’ Campaign.  We had to choose three images that we thought described Absolute Nebraska, Absolute UNL, and Absolute Me.

don’t be lazy.

don’t be lazy.

yes please.

yes please.